How to Make a Wire-Wrapped Briolette Gemstone Necklace

These wire-wrapped briolette gemstone necklaces are so popular these days. But I'll let you in on a secret: they are so easy and inexpensive to make yourself. I would estimate that you could get your tools (pliers and side cutters) for $10, and your supplies (briolette gemstone, necklace chain, jump wring, and clasp) for about $8. You can find these at any quality gem and bead shop that also carries metal working supplies, like Fire Mountain Gems or Rio Grande. I also found this great kit at Amazon.

Choosing a birthstone for your pendant is a fun way to personalize 
these necklaces for holiday or birthday gift giving!

You'll need:

 a briolette gemstone (any size and shape)
– round nose pliers
– flat nose fliers
– side cutters
– necklace chain (if unfinished, buy a jump ring and clasp)
– wrapping wire (I like to use 28 gauge sterling silver)
  1. Cut your wire to about 3 inches so that you have plenty to work with. Insert your wire through your pre-drilled briolette, about 2/3 of the way.
  2. Fold the ends of the wire upwards so that they're snug against each hole, and cross them.
  3. Bend the longer wire up vertically. Bend the shorter wire at a 90 angle. Wrap the shorter wire  two times around the longer wire, making sure that you have a tight wrap with no gap.
  4. Cut the short wire using your side cutters. Use your flat nose pliers to crimp your wrap, make sure that the cut end is not sticking out or sharp.
  5. Make a loop very close to your first wrap, and then wrap your wire in a downward spiral around it. (You can make your loop directly onto a link in your chain if you wish. I like this method so that my clasp doesn't move around!) Make at least 3 wraps, and wrap further down your briolette if you prefer that style. When you are finished, trim the end of your wire and crimp it down so that it doesn't snag. 
  6. Add a jump ring and clasp to your chain.