unique & unconventional engagement rings

Are you looking for a unique engagement ring?
Well, you're in luck, because I've been doing this research for myself for over a year.

I love all of the independent jewelry designers using unconventional diamonds, from geometric shapes to natural salt & pepper to rose cut.  They're disrupting the diamond industry by making something valuable and desirable that wasn't before. Some designers use quartz or moonstone as beautiful and unusual choices for the modern bride.

Other companies are selling completely online at a huge savings to their customers. They sell high-quality certified diamonds along with great benefits, like lifetime warranties, free engraving, and free returns. These rings are made to your size rather than resized from a standard size 7, like many popular diamond ring retailers do. My first ring from one of these retailers was completely warped going from a size 7 to a 4.5, so I love not having to worry about this when they're made to order!

Here are a few of my favorite picks from game-changing jewelry designers across the United States.

Alexis Russell makes geometrically-inspired rings with rose-cut diamonds in interesting shapes.

Anna Sheffield adds a little extra flair to her designs.

Catbird NYC hosts a variety of indie jewelry designers and 
creates exclusive pieces like their Serena the Swan series.

Digby and Iona infuse a little nautical, old-world character into their unique designs.

Four Mine allows you to select your setting and diamond. They have many different settings in platinum as well as white, rose, and yellow gold. The best part? You can select three at-home try-ons for free.

James Allen has an unparalleled variety of settings, diamonds, and gemstones for you to build your own ring. They offer a lifetime warranty and free 30 day returns.

Jennie Kwon's classic designs are timeless and sleek, with art deco-inspired details.

Luna Skye by Samantha Conn incorporates beautiful moonstones into their engagement rings. They're so shimmery and gorgeous.

Melanie Casey makes delicate, whimsical pieces. 
This gorgeous Stargaze ring is unique and modern with a vintage feel.

Midwinter Co. allows you to choose your setting and diamond in their online shop,
and their prices are especially reasonable.

N+A New York make beautifully asymmetrical constellation-inspired compositions.

Vale Jewelry is perfectly classic and sleek.

Now the only problem is choosing just one! 💛

*All photos are borrowed from their websites and are not my own.